What is Trim Healthy Mama?

I am a stay at home mom who is incredibly thankful for Serene and Pearl for writing Trim Healthy Mama! I am a member of the Trim Healthy Mamas Facebook page and absolutely love all the info I am getting on there, but I am having trouble keeping track of all my new recipes.  I know I can’t be the only one.  So I am starting this blog to help myself and possibly others stay on track. Enjoy!
I know I could never summarize all the amazing knowledge that you will gain from buying this book, so I won’t try.  BUY THE BOOK! Trust me, it is amazing!!! Best $35 bucks spent EVER! Now if you’d prefer it on your kindle, you can buy the ebook.  However, even though it’s a bit cheaper, I would prefer having the physical copy.  I am not into taking me kindle into the kitchen when I cook! Also, apparently there is a different book for the Ipad, Nook, or Sony Reader.

5 thoughts on “What is Trim Healthy Mama?

  1. This is great–I’ve had the book for almost a year now. I am so glad to find your blog–I (and I am sure many others) needed this. Who are you? I don’t find a name anywhere on your blog.

    • My name is Jenny. I’m a stay at home mom with a four and six year old. I’m an aspiring writer. You can see my personal blog at http://www.jennyberling.WordPress.com. I’ve struggled with my weight since I can remember. The past ten years have been especially hard. I was 100 pounds overweight after I had my second child. I tried every name brand diet. Most didn’t work for me because i couldn’t stick with them. I lost 30 pounds on Jenny Craig until i went crazy with the prepackaged foods and eating different foods than my family, two years ago and then lost another 20 on paleo. I actually loved paleo but it was too expensive and time consuming to be Practical for our family. After quiting paleo I tried a few other diets here and there but ended up gaining fifteen pounds back. I’ve been trying to do trim healthy mama for about four months now. I had it in my head that I was going to do it 80% of the time. However, I’ve learned that my little cheats turn into cheat weeks (Or sometimes longer), so I’ve decided to commit 100%. I would lose about two pound a week and then have a cheat week and gain to much back. Even with all the cheating, I’m still down ten pounds, though. I just know it would be more like 30 if i hadn’t had so many cheats. So this is my attempt to help me and others to stay on plan.

      (I wrote this on my phone, so sorry for any typos)

  2. Hi,
    When I click the ebook link provided above for the kindle version of this book it brings me to a page to purchase it, however it doesn’t say where/who in purchasing it from. I’m just a little apprehensive putting my payment info in unless I know it’s,a,secure and legitimate source. Can you tell me what/where I’m purchasing it from? Thank you

  3. Oh, I’m am so happy to have found your site!!! I LOVE to have pictures with the recipes. For some reason I’m much more motivated to try a new recipe if I have a picture to look at. :) I’m hoping to begin the THM lifestyle soon. I’m almost 16 weeks along with baby #4 and have been struggling with pretty bad morning sickness. :( So, right now I’m in survival mode and trying to study up on the plan when this little munchkin allows me to read about food without losing my lunch! :) Thanks for all the yummy-looking recipes – obviously, I’m having a good day for looking at pictures of food. Maybe Baby B is getting tired of plain crackers and ginger ale! :)

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